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Vinyl Printing Process Services UK

The flexibility of the large format machine has opened a lot of ways that the printed Vinyl can be used.  What was, in the past years, a complex and involved process has now become relatively easy to transpose great graphics and text to almost any surface.  Most common uses of Vinyl can be found in decorating storefronts, offices, cars, glass, exhibition panels etc.,

What to include and what not to:

The Vinyl printing process is essentially a print and transfer process. Whether it is cutting letters, or preparing stickers or even decals for windows and vehicle wraps has now all become possible due to the flexibility of the large format printers driven by quality software. This allows for complex designs to be printed quickly and efficiently.


Process choices:

Printers use dye sublimation inks or solvent inks and often with more than 6 or 8 cartridges and with a 1440dpi output, can bring out sharp crisp, vibrant and strong colours effectively with weatherproof and environmentally friendly properties.

A cutting device which is a single tiny blade cuts deep enough to slice through the vinyl material. is added to the plotter (printer) which will print and cut with a high degree of accuracy.

Material options:

Vinlyls comes in various formats including gloss, matt as well as in vibrant colours which is suitable for cutting letters as well as sign making. All material is weather resistant and is able to withstand the hard rigours of the outdoors.

The finishing touches:

The biggest advantage of using vinyls is that the same designs can be easily adapted for use in any number of places and in locations. The cutting ability of the machine gives the ability to cut difficult shapes and sizes of graphics, letters and text.

Once the vinyl has been printed, it needs to be weeded – a process of removing access material which requires experience and skill.  Once weeded, a ‘taping’ process prepares the vinyl for its application.

In all, the process sounds long and cumbersome, however, the applications are numerous. To be effective, vinyls ought to be well designed, cut precisely and applied with a lot of skills. It will always look right.