In the ever-evolving world of print management, there are few individuals who can truly claim to be industry pioneers. Girish, the founder and driving force behind Evolution Print Management, is one such visionary. With over two decades of experience in the field, Girish has dedicated his career to revolutionising the way businesses approach their print infrastructure and document workflows.

Girish’s Print Management Journey

Girish’s passion for print management began at a young age, when he witnessed firsthand the challenges that organisations faced in managing their printing and document processes. Determined to find innovative solutions, he embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead him to establish Evolution Print Management.

Mastering the Fundamentals

Girish’s journey began with a deep dive into the intricacies of print management. He meticulously studied the industry, analysing the latest technologies, trends, and best practices. This foundation of knowledge allowed him to develop a keen understanding of the unique challenges facing businesses of all sizes.

Pioneering Innovative Solutions

Armed with his expertise, Girish set out to create a print management solution that would redefine the industry. He pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as managed print services and secure print release, to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve data security for his clients.

Fostering a Culture of Excellence

At the heart of Girish’s approach is a deep-rooted commitment to excellence. He has instilled this ethos in every member of the Evolution Print Management team, ensuring that they are not only highly skilled professionals but also dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service.

What is The Difference

What sets Girish and Evolution Print Management apart from the competition is their unwavering focus on delivering exceptional results for their clients. This “Girish Difference” is rooted in three key pillars: expertise, personalisation, and ongoing support.

Unparalleled Expertise

Girish’s extensive knowledge of the print management industry, coupled with the expertise of his team, sets Evolution Print Management apart. They stay at the forefront of industry developments, constantly researching and evaluating the latest technologies to ensure that their clients have access to the most innovative and effective solutions.

Personalised Approach

Recognising that every business is unique, Girish and his team take a highly personalised approach to their engagements. They begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the client’s print environment, understanding their specific needs, challenges, and long-term goals. This insight allows them to develop a tailored solution that delivers maximum value and impact.

Continuous Support

Evolution Print Management’s team provides ongoing support and optimisation, ensuring that their clients’ print infrastructure remains efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with their evolving business requirements.

Tangible Benefits for Clients

By partnering with Evolution Print Management, clients can expect to experience a wide range of tangible benefits that contribute to their overall business success.

Cost Savings

Girish and his team are experts at identifying and eliminating wasteful spending in their clients’ print environments. Through optimisation, equipment consolidation, and the implementation of managed print services, they consistently deliver significant cost savings that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Improved Productivity

With streamlined print processes, secure print release, and mobile printing capabilities, Evolution Print Management’s solutions empower employees to work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and focus on core business activities.

Enhanced Data Security

In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are ever-present, Girish and his team place a strong emphasis on implementing robust security measures. Their solutions ensure that sensitive information remains protected, giving clients peace of mind and compliance with relevant regulations.

Sustainability Initiatives

Recognising the importance of environmental responsibility, Girish has made sustainability a key focus area for Evolution Print Management. By optimising print infrastructure and promoting eco-friendly equipment, they help their clients reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Over the years, Girish and the Evolution Print Management team have built an impressive portfolio of clients, ranging from small startups to large, multinational corporations. Their ability to deliver tangible results has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner among industry leaders.

Case Study: Multinational Retail Giant

One of Evolution Print Management’s flagship clients is a leading multinational retail corporation. Faced with an inefficient and costly print infrastructure across their global operations, the client turned to Girish and his team for a comprehensive solution. Through a meticulous assessment, targeted equipment upgrades, and the implementation of managed print services, Evolution Print Management was able to reduce the client’s printing costs by over 30% while improving productivity and enhancing data security.


Evolution Print Management have carved out a unique position in the print management industry, setting a new standard for excellence. By combining unparalleled expertise, a personalised approach, and ongoing support, they have consistently delivered tangible benefits to their clients, helping them to elevate their print game and achieve greater success.

If you’re ready to experience the difference and take your print management to new heights, we encourage you to connect with the Evolution Print Management team today. Together, we’ll develop a customised solution that aligns with your business objectives and empowers your organisation to thrive.

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