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PVC Banners Printing Services UK

PVC banners are popular as they offer unique advantages to the printed poster. They are widely used as flexible marketing material with a long shelf life. They can be printed to any size and due to the type of material used can be used for flags, attached to the size of buildings and indeed can be large enough to cover the whole building.  It’s a perfect marketing tool for anything that needs to be displayed outdoors.

With the growth of smaller plotters, personal banners like wedding banners, birthday announcements, anniversaries etc., have all found a way to cater for a small yet growing market place.

What to include and what not to:

Like all marketing material, it must be relevant. Due to the flexibility of the process and the material designers could craft a great looking Roller Banners with the knowledge that the reproduction will be very effective.

Process choices:

Large format printers (plotters) have exploded in recent years. With every new generation of machine there has been tremendous development and has extended and expanded what can be done. These kits are relatively inexpensive for the work they do, but require skilled and experienced people to make the most of the machines.

The inks use dye sublimation inks or solvent inks and often are fitted with more than 6 or 8 cartridges a light and a full version of the CMYK colours. Together with a 1440dpi output, can bring out sharp crisp, vibrant and strong colours effectively with weatherproof and environmentally friendly properties.


Material options:

The Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC material comes in many thicknesses. 450gsm and 550gsm tends to be the more preferred weight.  PVC is very strong and durable and tear resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

There is also a ‘mesh’ version which has holes in the material so to let wind pass and hence suitable where there is a higher than usual airflow, usually on top of tall buildings, bridges etc.,

The finishing touches:

Almost all PVC banners are ‘hemmed’ (i.e. a portion on each edge is turned around and taped down using a strong adhesive tape) to strengthen the edges and eyelet at regular interval (dependent on the size of the banner) for easy hanging using fitments like suckers, hooks and washers.

PVC banners are printed on strong and durable material, are relatively easy to handle and transport, easily fit to stands and the print quality will be vibrant and longer lasting. Whatever the expected use is, the PVC banner will always look great.