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The smooth running of a Samaj can be quite demanding. On the one hand, the stakeholders expect great miracles without lending a lot of support – be it financial or physical. Where they do, miracles do happen.

There are several activities that a Samaj does which all contribute towards its success. However, managing the smooth running of the activities as well as the administration and the efficiency can often put a lot of pressure on the scarce time that Officers managing a Samaj have. You have to rely on outside support.

More than the printed products, it is key to have a rooted understanding of the Dharmic Traditions which have to spill out in different forms to assist and help the Samaj and activities. Having established the Samaj as the key focal point for information and knowledge, the objective then becomes expressing a clear, consistent, well prepared and professional communication system which not only informs the readers but creates awareness and spreads the traditions widely.  A Samaj is instrumental, if not the only credible medium which tie the community together and hence becomes its moral responsibility to engage the community effectively.

Samaj’s must use all available media including web, email, mobile, text and even traditional printed products like leaflets, newsletters, guides and publications or even large display print such as banners, posters and roller banners to engage, inform and educate the community.

Evolution has over 35+ years experience, serving the Dharmic Traditions of India. We invite you today to see a small collection of our work and are confident that we can partner with your Mandir or Samaj in providing excellent branding, communications and promotional products and services.

We will be glad to be involved in your Samaj’s communications strategy. Simply fill in the details on the panel opposite.


In recent times, busineses, associations and charities alike, have nurtured this notion of getting THREE quotes for all work. This arrangement has a major flaw, where a good deal is always price driven and can often sacrifice quality service and turnaround. A more nurtured relationship will accrue more trust and an ability to understand the organisation, quote2_whiteprovide appropriate service, a strong support and consistent deliverance and reliability on a more longer term. A much more win-win proposition.

Your continued high quality of service year-in-year-out, together with flexible access to your core staff team, is the unique trademark that differentiates Evolution from their competitors.

Mukesh, your expert consultancy and Poonam’s graphics design acumen has been the major factors in the production of an eye-catchy Prajapati Bhajanawali book.

Dinesh Mistry

Editor, Shree Prajapati Association UK

The association with Shree Sanatan Mandir Leicester goes back 20+ years.  The annual ‘Sanatan Sandesh’ has now evolved into a 120+ pages which any organisation can be proud of. The Sandesh is distributed free during Diwali.

The team at Evolution have a tremendous input in the preparation, editorial and handling of the advertisements; which all contributes towards this prestigious annual.

Ramanbhai Barber MBE DL

President, Shree Sanatan Mandir, Leicester

Thank you for your support and proactive follow-ups. We are quite impressed as you are treating the delivery and deadline of the Gujarati syllabus equally as important as we are.

This is truly a sign of good customer service and product delivery!

Sadhu Manoharmurtidas

UK Children’s Forum, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

Bhakti Darshan is an annual publication printed for the Shree Hindu Temple and Community Centre, Leicester, established in 1969. It is a registered charity and the first Hindu Temple to be opened in the United Kingdom.

The early publications were bi-monthly newsletters printed to be distributed free to all, which was only 16 pages and predominately in black and white. The popularity of the Mandir started to attract a strong membership and especially support from bhaktajano’s as well as advertisers, enabling the publication to expand, creating 40 pages with a combination of Gujarati and English language articles which was popular for the visitors to the Mandir.

In recent years the publication‘s format has changed to B5 size (168 x 240mm) to improve overall “look & feel” and also to make it easier to read and store the magazine that now has 128 pages all in full colour. Each event at the Mandir is celebrated with joy and great enthusiasm throughout the year, this is clearly seen in the publication’s design and layout.

Ram Odedra

Secretary , Shree Hindu Mandir & Community Centre

Evolution Print’s staff are knowledgeable, provide a good service and  are a pleasure to deal with.  No matter how small  or large the job is, they have delivered a prompt service and for these reasons Shree Prajapati Association  have always used Evolution Print’s services for all our design and print for a number of years.

I would recommend anyone to them

Hasubhai Mistry

President, Shree Prajapati Samaj, Leicester