Indian Association


The content of a good website can be:

  • To promote events – obviously the Samaj’s and others too.
  • Source of Information – articles and information (only use authentic sources) – can be about religion, deities and different religious festivities, it significance and relevance in modern day.
  • Stories and histories of saints, sages, great warriors, philosophers and even philanthropists. Also, the history of a Samaj or Association in the UK.
  • Future plans and how a progress report.
  • Places of interest in India or even around the world.
  • Recognising the achievements within the community – performances from young members, high achievers, special achievements, unique accolades in business, in daily life, at work or even at school.
  • Provide a feed from your FACEBOOK or TWITTER page – so work of the Samaj gets recognised beyond the community walls.
  • Membership area can be created – with a control people can comment and even upload images of interest for public viewing. etc.
  • Upload of activity reports, event and even accounts for public to judge performances.
  • A picture gallery will showcase completed events, which will automatically promote future activities.
  • A video gallery with a YouTube connectivity for videos or even other videos of interest such as a Morari Bapu katha etc.,). This can also be set up to be live broadcast for those who are unable to attend Samaj’s events.
  • A sign in for newsletter or a petition.
  • To provide links to other information, events or entertainment websites – such as newspapers, Gujarati newspapers, Bollywood etc., NDTV, BBC etc., You can even put radio linkages like Sanskaar Radio etc.
  • To provide links to software which can produce gujarati text – useful for learning and promoting Gujarati.

The list is endless.