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Bhajan Books

Celebrate, remember and honour those family members who you have lost with a beautifully prepared and printed Bhajan and Prarthna book.

A perfect way to engage with members of the extended family and friends is to share in our spiritual, cultural and family heritage (sansakars) through Bhajan and Prarthna books.

Sharing and distributing these is a way of remembering, honouring and building the family values of those who have brought us to where we are and where we would like our future generations to be.

The special offering books can contain information about their life, achievements and family and friends can all join in paying their own personal tributes.

The selection and order of the Bhajans and Prathnas can be the family favourites.


prakashna panthe

Prakashna Panthe has been printed in full colour – here we have only a few pages to illustrate how they would print. The end result can be seen on the attached pdf which has some traditional prarthna and dhoons with some popular bhajans.

Printed in A5 size, the bhajan book was 160 pages. We can bind the books in different ways – perfect bind or even wiro-bind for ease of use. Perfect bound to give it a professional look.

The first 8 were devoted to the life and pictures of family members as well as pictures.


Shradhanjali is our most popular bhajan book – A5 size, printed in single colour to keep it competitive. In addition there can be colour pages consisting of pictures, poems, dedications and information which are prepared carefully with your help.

Bhajans can then be selected from our collection and if there are some that you like which aren’t on our list, we simply set it up for you, thus creating a unique and dedicated bhajan book in remembrance of your loved ones.

These bhajan books are printed on quality bond paper.  We recommend wiro-bind the books for ease of use. The contents and size of each Bhajan book can be different, the most popular size is around 96 pages.

We can print as few as 50 for as little as £295.00.



Shree Hanuman Chalisa

This booklet was prepared with an accompanied CD, which was handed out during a bhajan and Hanuman Chalisa gathering. The book contains Hanuman Chalisa in English and Gujarati and can be read opening from either end. The back of the cover had the dedications prepared by the family.

There is a choice of contents – whatever the family has as its ‘ashta’ in. Gayatri Chalisa, Shiva Chalisa – or for that matter any Chalisa’s that the family wants, Shree Mahimam Stotra, Vishambhari Stuti, Ranchod Bavni, Ganpati or Devi Atharvashish, the list is simply endless, are all booklets that can be prepared and printed.

We can print as few as 50 for as little as £75.00.