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Why Evolution Print Management Company in UK?

Companies might make the mistake of underestimating the cost of their printing. With our years of experience, we have seen that print buying has been divided amongst fragmented departments; this can add an additional 30% to printing costs. It is essential that companies take into account the fact that other non-financial aspects too reflect the cost of printing. Amongst these are:

  • What is the evaluation on the importance of print?
  • Finding the most economical quantity to print.
  • What will be the cost of destroying extra stock?
  • Are these costs of (time, effort, personal costs) written off?
  • Is anybody responsible for branding and its stability?
  • Are expenses justified through a post print buy analysis?

We at Evolution Print and Design might not be able to respond to all the above, but we promise to provide our clients with a step-by-step approach to address these concerns.

At Evolution Print and Design we believe that one of our core strengths lies in helping our customers to our maximum potential and providing a cost effective package that would add up any savings to their bottom line.

The responsibilities of a good print management company in UK are to:

  • Identify clients’ print requirements in connection to their objective and establish an understanding of their print budget. This would include an assessment of what the company’s needs are, the costs related to the print, quantity of prints, storage and costs of moving print.
  • Understand the current processes and tangible deliverables to offer different and alternative solutions.
  • Possess knowledge about the market place and its changing trends – not limited to the print market but the client’s market too.
  • Keep track of all print projects by providing advice with a realistic approach. During times where timelines may seem impossible to achieve, the print management company in UK should be able to provide credible advice. A proactive attitude will avoid delays, which otherwise, would have compromised client’s reputation, resulting in a financial loss.

quote1_whiteWhen investing in print and graphic design, bear in mind that there has been a dramatic shift in the way designers work over the years. Whereas designers used to generally gain their practical experience in manufacturing and prquote2_whiteinting as a matter of necessity, this isn’t so much the case any more. As more and more design work is handled with computers, their skill sets have generally shifted more towards the IT aspects of things.

Clients can rest assure that once they tell us about their print requirements, we provide excellent service paired with continued support to resolve all their concerns and issues. Through our proactive approach we are able to detect possible gaps that otherwise may result in financial loss or utilisation of too many resources. This is how we make sure that our clients reap the benefits of ‘lowest cost of ownership’.

‘Are you interested in finding help for your print needs?’  We will be happy to help you solve your problems.

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Today, healthcare industry is faced with frequent changes in trends. Resources seem to be diminishing rapidly in the backdrop of growing demands. Print, design and packaging in the healthcare is the need of time. From charities to hospices and medical services providers all can benefit from print design facilities. Considering the growing gap between resource availability and increasing demand for printed material in the healthcare sector,we now offer specialised services to provide healthcare sector with diverse print and design solutions, under one roof.


At Evolution Print and Design, we understand that there is more to delivering a quality end product than just printing. Association needs to outsource and share its responsibilities with an entity that can deliver tailored quality service and support to their staff and other members of the Association. We emphasis on a one stop solution and with our experience and knowledge about the processes and materials available, we can devise a package of products for our clients. These products will deliver lowest cost of ownership through improving effectiveness and enhancing cost efficiency.


The effectiveness of the charity can be compromised, if crucial time and resources are allocated elsewhere and not towards the core activities of the charity. In order to lessen the burden, some non-crucial activities can be outsourced where print procurement fits perfectly. Charities may employ a talented print management company that will do wonders for their marketing team. By providing impactful solutions, the print management company can increase awareness and promote the charity considerably.

Indian Associations

Stakeholders expect great miracles without lending a lot of support. Samaj’s have to rely on outsourced support – someone who understands the Samaj and its activities and compliment in it’s communications strategy.

A clear, consistent, well prepared and professional communication system must combine all available medias including web, email, mobile, text and even traditional printed products like leaflets, newsletters, guides and publications or even large display print such as banners, posters and roller banners etc.

Case Study: A Cost Effective And Practical Solution For Caterer

Compass Group


To provide lunch meals for 110,000 people over four days


Meals delivery with tight space and time constraints


Tailor-made lunch trays for complex catering requirements


Design and practical delivery of lunch trays


Long term partnership with client

Catering Giant Compass Group successfully commissioned tailor-made lunch trays for a flawless large-scale catering event

Compass Group is a market leader in providing high quality catering services at exhibition sites, sporting venues and in the workplace including schools colleges and hospitals.  They work in partnership with their clients, to provide food service solutions that meet the specific needs of their environment and the end consumer.

Leith’s at ExCel London, a division of Compass Group, in response to a mass community event involving a four-day function serving 110,000 meals with a peak of up to 37,000 lunches on the main day within a two hour slot. Kavis Ltd, were invited by Leith’s to work on the project. Kavis Ltd. recommended Evolution Print & Design to Leith’s to design and produce the Lunch Tray solution.

Serving such a large number of people in a short time frame was a challenge Leith’s relished. They needed a company on board that would develop a one-off solution to meet these demanding requirements. Evolution Design & Communications was appointed to draw up the designs and subsequently delivered the final product.

Leith’s: “The design of the trays and the advice and assistance from both Kavis & Evolution Print ensured a very successful outcome to a very challenging service level focused event. It was an excellent partnership.”

Martin James – Deputy General Manager

 Leith’s: A practical, cost effective and serviceable solution is what we were looking for.”

Philippa Perkins – General Manager, Leith’s

Evolution Print & Design : “The meal trays met all Compass Group’s criteria– design, delivery, catering service & budget. Our package was perfect!”

Mukesh Naker – Director

Meals delivery with tight space and time constraints

Leith’s first looked at the space constraints and items needed to be incorporated, i.e. food tray, cutlery, sweet, water, etc to consider the options.  Airline trays were too costly while other options were not practical. The main challenges lay in the type of tray to use, the way to make them up, stack and handle to deliver. the meals within the time frame in a cost effective way. Disposal and budgetary considerations had also to be taken into consideration.

Leith’s required a lunch tray which would enable them to deliver meals quickly and efficiently.

The lunch trays were expected to be rigid enough to hold the food containers. The containers had to be loaded at the last moment and be able to keep the food warm.  Slots were needed to store food, drinks and cutlery. Lastly, the trays were expected to be easy-to-serve, stored and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Space was a major consideration. The trays were also required to fit the service area and work flow of the catering function. Leith’s needed to get samples of all items and get confirmed by clients who had a 100 strong approval committee looking at every aspect of the event.

Design and practical delivery of lunch trays

Kavis and Evolution Print were invited to design a tray with all these key elements. Evolution Print designed and customized lunch trays that would meet Leith’s’ requirements.  Different prototypes were developed to test feasibility. Leith’s’ and its end user clients tried and tested a number of tray designs before finalising on one version.  Hot meals were cooked at the last moment and the trays were loaded at the point of meal distribution for freshness.

To minimise the handling and storage space, trays were delivered as a flattened-pack and could be assembled quickly on site prior to serving.

A dry run was organized in May 2008, serving 100 meals, to ensure the catering process was flawless.

Evolution: “A dry run was organised by Compass Group simply to make sure everything would run smoothly on the day.  A single unforeseen problem would have jeopardized everything. The dry run went to plan.”

The working tray for a successful event

The trays worked to expectations:

  • all visitors were fed in record time
  • Service was seamless
  • Clients were collecting three to four trays at a time for family members and they stacked properly for handling.
  • Leith’s was rated as the best ever event organiser by the Community Group.

Long term partnership with clients

Feedback from the clients was – of all their International Annual events held each year for the last fifty Years – Leith’s @ Excel was rated as the best for quality and service. Not only did Evolution Print & Design Ltd commission a perfect catering function, it also brought about intangible and long term benefits for Leith’s:

  • Time savings with ease to handle in meal delivery
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Recognition in terms of quality and service
  • Generated long term and repeated business for Leith’s