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How Effective Is Your Charity?

The Charity Commissioner’s recently produced a 15-question checklist to help you review how your charity operates and make sure it’s prepared for the future. The document puts the onus of trustees to review this list regularly to the Charity’s effectiveness. How effective is your charity?

The checklist covers a number of key areas including strategy – opportunities and risks, financial health, governance, including safeguarding and making best use of available resources.

Charities- Make a wish

Make a wish

Outsourcing Non-Crucial Activities

As a charity, the activities are not only crucial but demanding and anything that takes time and resources away from that critical activity means that effectiveness of the charity can be compromised. Whilst the activities cannot be neglected, some non-crucial activities can be outsourced and charity printing​ procurement fits perfectly. An experienced and knowledgeable team can do wonders for a charity marketing team as they can suggest products which will aid the awareness immensely. They can take the responsibility and supervise the deliverance of these products which frees crucial time to deal with more pressing requirements of the charity, unhindered, as it should.

Clearly, as a charity, your work is truly important and as service providers we can concentrate on meeting your project outcomes, whether it’s about fundraising or awareness.

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Guide For Print Buyers


The internet has provided businesses with a wealth of opportunities to upload your material through their website, then allow them to prepare it for print. It really is quote2_whiteas simple as that. However, while this sort of service is indeed quick and cheap, it is very far from perfect… to find out more download our book from the tab above.

Thank you so much for the Roller Banners and the mounted prints (44 off them) for our exhibition on Swami Chinmayananda’s life celebrating the launch of his 100th birth year.
Evolution turned these around within 2 days and they all came mounted and ready for us to hang. With a lot of hard work from both ends, the exhibition opened as scheduled and this will now stay up for at least a year. They simply look stunning.
Natasha Chawala

Event Cordinator, Chinmaya Mission (UK)

I must comment that the finished brochure exceeded my expectations and we had a lot of compliments on it last night as ‘the best ever’. I feel that you have given TRF an excellent and flexible service and delivered us a premium product on time and on budget.

You very graciously accommodated all of our late changes and additions! I would certainly look forward to working with you again on future publications. Well done Girish. Great job.

Dr Kapil Kedia,

Director , The Rajasthani Foundation