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Business Cards Printing Services in UK

They say a book should never be judged by its cover, but most people are not likely to read it if the cover doesn’t make an impression on them.  In most cases, the business card is the first piece of marketing which is handed over as an introduction. For that very reason it must leave a last impression on the recipient.

What to include and what not to:

85mm x 55mm has been adapted as the most common size for business cards in United Kingdom.  Multiple pages and even odd sizes are often seen to make the cards stand out from the pack.

Space on a business cards surface is premium. It is therefore important that the message one conveys is condensed but provides a strong and clear picture of not just the products and services the company provides, but also of the company’s values, its approach to business as well as its ethos. From the branding, any images, the headline, strapline must be carefully considered. If possible take an unbiased view of other customers, suppliers and even friends as that opinion may help produce a more effective business card in UK.

Process choices:

With the rise of the internet purchases, the most targeted area has been the business cards and with small booths opening in shopping areas present competition to the traditional printers.  However, if you require something to be right, consistent and unique, then the batch processing is to be steered away from. As we reiterated before impressions count, and the more unique design, print process that has been opted for will produce a lasting imprint.

Material options:

The choice of process determines the ideal material.  Most digital machines will print on a good quality 350gsm and using litho printing the board thickness could be a lot higher which gives the card some substance. Designer boards with textures are often used to make the cards look more distinct.

The finishing touches:

Like with most printing collateral, there is a wide range of print finishing that would uplift the cards amongst which, laminating – matt, gloss and soft-touch laminating – foil blocking, die-stamping and even laser cutting brings distinction in this marketing tool.

Like with any marketing material, it has to be right more than any other attribute and this process is about getting it to the marketing, studying the impression it creates, taking feedback and continuously improving the company’s business card.  It is difficult to introduce your prospect to your business without first creating an impression. The business card, its content, the quality of print, material and finish all help you to take that first step.

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