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Roller Banners Printing Services in UK

Roller Banners or Pull-Up banners as they are often known have become very popular. They are easy to assemble and to take down as well as store or even carry around, which makes it an ideal accompaniment in any display area be it a foyer or at exhibition where the footfall is high. Because of its versatility it has become very popular in almost any display situation..

What to include and what not to:

Like all marketing material, the material on your roller banner must be appropriate and relevant. Due to the flexibility of the process and the material designers could craft a great looking roller banner with the knowledge that the reproduction will be very effective.


Process choices:

Large format printers (plotters) have exploded in recent years. With every new generation of machine there has been tremendous development and has extended and expanded what can be done. These kits are relatively inexpensive for the work they do, but require skilled and experienced people to make the most of the machines.

The inks use dye sublimation inks or solvent inks and often are fitted with more than 6 or 8 cartridges a light and a full version of the CMYK colours. Together with a 1440dpi output, can bring out sharp crisp, vibrant and strong colours effectively with weatherproof and environmentally friendly properties.

Material options:

The most common material for Roller Banners is 350gsm micron white back polyster/PVC which has superb lay flat properties, which is essential for a Roller Banner. The outer casing is an anodised aluminium which makes it light as well as strong and durable.

The cassettes as they are known come in various widths. The smallest banners can be put on the trade stands, typically A4s and A3s, however the more popular sizes tends to be 600mm to 2400mm of which 800mm and 850mm are common.

The finishing touches:

There are some very cheap banner materials and cassettes available and you often see this advertised aggressively on the internet, however, we would advise that the selection of the cassette is carefully taken in to account, ensuring that your marketing material stands the test at the crucial time.

We have experimented with a number of these units and only supply cassettes we are confident will meet your need. Always enquire. Surfaces can be laminated to extend the life of your print.

Roller Banners are a superb way of displaying your products and services. It versatility and storage means that it can be conveniently put up where it can provide the maximum amount of exposure.