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Newsletter Printing Services in UK

A printed newsletter distributed can provide an advantage over the web information and even electronically distributed version. Apart from being put on someone’s desk, it can be handed over to someone who is likely to be more receptive.  To get the most out of this kind of marketing, it is important that it arrives regularly in people’s post. Of all the handouts that are given out at exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and face to face meetings, the newsletters provide the post event continuity to the what the business wishes to say to the reader. Newsletters can be for inhouse consumption, in a large organisation, or for external audience – largely customers and prospects and in some cases a combined newsletter to serve all audiences.

What to include and what not to:

The content must be very good to keep the audience wanting for more. Corporate information, staff information – appointments, changes in roles, accolades and achievements and some choose to include social news like marriages as well as new arrivals which all make enjoyable reading.

Apart from this, case studies of work, profiling customers or members help acknowledge the customer’s contribution and some editors choose to include suppliers support all of which help understand the partnerships that make the business strong. A new development of service and progress of a critical research and development of new products often find their way being featured in newsletters help create the anticipation and readiness.

Process choices:

The most common sizes tend to be DL (99 x 210), A6 (105 x 148mm) A5 (148 x 210mm) and A4 (210 x 297mm), and paper weight between 115gsm – 130gsm which is largely dependent on its use. Thicker paper and even board can be used where the information will need to be accessed repeatedly.


With digital print processing, it has now become a lot more economical to do personalisation, this means that certain elements of the newsletters are personalised using segmentation which will yield a much higher return than simply putting together a ‘one size fits all’ newsletter.


The frequency of printing a newsletter is dependent on the resources the company is willing to put with and what it is trying to achieve.  The most frequent we have come across is a fortnightly newsletter, that requires almost a dedicated team and perhaps advisable to distribute this electronically. Each business must assess what works best for them – it usually is a balance of resources and what value the newsletter achieves when it has been sent. In an ideal situation, a monthly frequency works best or at the very least quarterly.

Printed newsletters are very powerful. Marketers are insisting that it finds its way back in every business as the distribution of company information is now mostly done electronically. It is quick and often the main essence missed.  Marketers would want this to be backed up with real print which can provide vital support to the electronically sent material.

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