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Presentation Folders Printing Services in UK

As the name suggests, a presentation folder adds evidence in support of the information one is trying to present.  It could be information about the organisation in a sales letter, newsletters and even magazines. Its an ideal accompaniment for Product leaflets, brochures and magazines as it can contain information which would otherwise be impractical to pass on. At conferences or in training rooms, it can be the perfect holder of multiple pages, pads etc.,

What to include and what not to:

The printing in a presentation folder should be kept to a minimum, large strong messaging with the right images works best. It is also an opportunity to feature information which is common to all the different items that could be put together for a purpose. The presentation folders that are the easiest to store are the ‘interlocking’ versions which could be made up on the fly, Single pocket, double pocket or gusseted pockets are all determined by the amount of information that will be stuffed in to the folders.  Often a three-panelled folder, which than has material holding capacity in the middle panel maximises the marketing information. Most folders tend to be in a portrait format, however, a landscape folder can be very effective in some cases.

Process choices:

Here again, there is a wide range of choices – and like everything the use and purpose should be considered first. Sizes usually governed by the other collateral to be held in the folder, but the popular sizes are to hold A4 or A5 material. Printing could be one sided or both sides to maximise the available free space. Litho printing offers optimal results in most cases, however, digital printing is now becoming popular too.

Material options:

The most popular weight in presentation folders tend to be a 300gsm or 350gsm board. Gloss Art boards takes the top marks here, with other choices of popular material available. Specialist boards, metallic boards are also used to enhance the final look of the folders. For smaller sizes – like a single sheet a lighter card can be very cost effective.

The finishing touches:

Gloss laminating, matt laminating, soft-touch laminate are very popular, not only do they add a classier look, they provide the durability to the folder.  Foil blocking, embossing, die stamping are also very popular. The pockets can be cut to any shape and it is often interesting to see how designers manage to balance design with practicality.  

Printed Presentations folders are a vital ingredient to all the marketing collateral that is put out there. Essentially it supports your presentation. It is therefore the job of the designer to make it look right and for the printer to deliver that vision as the presentation folder will form an immediate impression to the end user.

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