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Calendars Printing Services in UK

All year end products like printing calendars, year planners, note pads etc., all serve a key purpose. They are there, in our faces, a greater part of a complete year.  They are perfect reminders of the product and service provided, creating a constant reminder of the brand, an appreciation of what one does. This all said, the hidden benefit of a year end product is when left in full view of passer-by’s, the awareness reaches beyond the person it was intended for.

What to include and what not to:

The choice of year end products is long from desktop versions to hung calendars and single cards or large sheets bound on your table. What must be included in every version of the calendar is an elaborate list of products and services a company provides.  From the elaboration of the ethos and values to the commitment of the staff to the finer points of your product offering and the benefits of your services, must be included, whether it is in the form of attractive images or in bulleted and highlighted text all have to be carefully designed and well printed.

Process choices:

There are as many choices as the products can be quite varied. With the growth of the digital process, personalisation can easily be done and this creates a greater impact, especially if you have desktop products like CD calendars, Pyramid calendars or tent calendars. For multi-page calendars a 4-6 or 12 page calendar or a bound booklet can be devised with or without a cover. A4 and A3 sizes tend to be commonly stipulated. A Year planner is best printed in A2 or A1 size (or even larger) largely dependant on the information that one is trying to display. 

Material options:

130gsm Gloss Paper is commonly used on most calendars and there are lighter or heavier alternatives. A thicker 170gsm does justice to a year planners, whereas on covers or CD calendars Pyramid calendars etc., would be more effective with a thicker board. Pyramid calendars

The finishing touches:

Covers could be laminated gloss, matt or even soft touch, Foiling, Spot UV Varnishing often uplift the printed product. The binding for calendars is dependent solely on the product type and what alternatives are possible.

In short, there is always a year end product that can be used by the business, and with that choice comes a series of options all of which combine to make the product that has an appeal all-the-year around with a strong and effective marketing message that will work for the business.  

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