We recently discussed the benefits of print in the modern age, and how to use it to develop new customers. Using the tools you have available will lead to improved conversion rates. But print alone won’t gain you the foothold you need to build your brand in this digital age. This week we’re going to discuss how to combining print marketing with digital elements impacts your returns on your spend.

There is now an expectation that every company should have an online presence in some form. If you cannot be found online, then your company’s credibility will suffer. Printed material presents your brand in a physical format that enables trust. But the first point of contact for your business today will most likely be via web searches. As seen through the tens and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to your site every day.

When Print Becomes Digital

The start point should be referencing your online presence in your printed collateral. This means everything from letterheads, comp slips and business cards. Usually the website URL will suffice. This extends into marketing items such as leaflets, brochures and even promotional material. Listing your website and social media handles is an easy way to find out about the company.

Scanning for Success

The Holy Grail for any marketing team is knowing how customers engage with campaigns. And, of course, how they are converting new customers. Using personalised URLS allows customers to arrive at specific landing pages. QR codes prove to be very popular because there are fewer actions required from the customer. Which means a higher response rate that can be tracked.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will ultimately replace QR codes. NFC-enabled devices interact with a small chip embedded into a sticker. By tapping against it, landing pages, websites and apps will be launched. The benefits of this technology are huge. It only requires minimal action from customers, creating a higher response rate. Prices for this are slightly higher, which becomes negligible if returns are justified.

Direct Mail to Email

In 2015, just under 11 million print catalogues were mailed in the UK. Much like QR codes, direct mail is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. Which is why it continues to be such a popular choice, despite the option to place the full inventory online. Direct mail often serves as the centrepiece of a campaign. From here you can encourage customer interaction with online campaigns once it’s delivered.

Receiving a tangible item like a catalogue encourages people to engage with it. This creates the ideal opportunity to build on this first customer interaction. You can follow up with a short call to ensure they have received it, answering any questions they may have. If they haven’t done anything with it, the call or email serves as quick reminder. Email shots are sent to the recipients to build on their initial interest. Along with the website, calls and mail, it’s another way to communicate with new customers.

Promotional Print

At any exhibition or trade event and you will find companies that do not hold retail space. Strength of service and feedback from consumers online develops that trust. Their digital presence is still embedded within a printed stand. Along with their leaflets and brochures and other pick-up items. Placing business information onto USB’s is another way companies are changing tact. This is usually branded with the company logo, as are any other promo items visible on the stand.

Successful marketing is about engaging with your customer base through many channels. How they respond constantly changes. Half the battle is ensuring you’re not left behind relying on outdated methods. Digital tools offer exciting ways of marketing your business which are hugely beneficial.

Billions of pounds are still invested into print marketing. So we are some way from leaving traditional methods behind in their entirety. The key is striking the right balance between old and new techniques. Focus on strong, successful messages to continue to help your business to grow.


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