No Obligation Assessment of your Print Buying

How often do you get the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your print buyers or your buying team? Would it not be incredibly reassuring, if this can be established by an independent and experienced team?

We can undertake such as FREE assessment and be able to provide a testimony of your current practices.

An assessment like this would involve

  • Understanding your business needs and how where the print is being used, internally or externally.
  • Seeing samples of the printed products
  • Understand the buying patterns, the prices paid, quantities, quality and align the product and the need it provides for.
  • Understand and assess resources applied to the processes.
  • Look at storage and distribution of such products.
  • Finally prices paid including average payment days assessment.

We will analyse this information very carefully and catalogue your print requirements to create complete and detailed specifications. With our experienced eyes we can look at your buying habits and work out the optimum buying frequency, including any stocking and stock out positions.  At the end of the process we will provide you with a detailed report which is given to you with NO OBLIGATION on your part to buy print solutions through us.

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A detailed report is able to reaffirm that your print buying practices are efficient and your business is benefitting from the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

If on the other hand, we can demonstrate some savings, we’d ask you to involve us in the procuring of your print in future. Now that’s fair and simple.